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Best lighting to use on Zoom meetings video conference

Best lighting to use on Zoom meetings video conference: Having the most excellent lighting facility to join in Zoom virtual meetings is a steady method to continue with the useful session. Due to the current pandemic circumstances, many are just reliant on Video conferencing services like Zoom as it helps to continue with the work from home.

Throughout a zoom virtual conference, proper lighting and look are thought as a significant fact to have a quality video call. It is at all times better to have a steady and proper source of lighting facilities before the start of the video call. But there are some things to consider before choosing lighting solution of video conferencing like controlling option to deal with brightness of light, color temperature and adaptable position of light on face.

Best video conference lighting kit

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In this page, there are some well capable, customizable and reasonably priced lighting solutions of video conferencing to assist everyone who are seeking a good solution to purchase and apply on every call.

1. Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit

Lume Cube lighting kit provides a professional but nominal setup of video conference lighting with integrated frosted lens and attachable silicone diffuser which gives soft and agreeable lighting to remain with zoom calls. Moreover, its brightness points increase from 1 to 100% to have a smooth stage-less succession. Its integrated power facility guarantees a standalone process. Actually this Lighting kit is the most excellent one to do remote works, virtual meetings and live broadcasting.

Lume Cube offers up to 14 hours of continuous working time with USB-C Adapter to concurrent charging and utilize. It also simple to setup that anyone can install by following some easy and quick installation procedure.

Lume Cube


2. ULANZI Video Conferencing Light

The ULANZI Light is perfect to use with nearly all laptops and desktops which is a suction-based light that arrives with diffuser ready of soft silicone to present the light softer.  In addition its 6 RGB Color Filters permits to build any creative as desire. Its plain suction design permits to fast snap it on any laptop, desktops or any flat surface.

ULANZI Video Conferencing Light arrives with a integrated 3100mAh Rechargeable battery to continue with extended use, a 360° rotation ball head to fine-tune angle of lighting to present a appropriate arrangements and 3200K-6500K Bi-color output.

ULANZI Video Conferencing Lighting

3. LituFoto LED Video Conference Lighting Kit

The LituFoto Lighting kit comes with a massive 4040mAh battery unit which supposedly can continue roughly a day. There is a charging USB-C port and a typical USB port which can share its power with further devices with intention to working as a small power bank. Its 3200K to 5600K Bi-color temperature and brightness regulation from 1% to 100% are suitable light in different situations.

With 10.6mm Thickness and 170g heaviness, the Portable pocket-sized LituFoto LED Lighting Kit is still powerful which is finest to set on zoom calling, remote working, streaming, photography and creative video exposure and others.

LituFoto LED Video Conference Lighting Kit

4. VIJIM Computer Light

VIJIM lighting kit arrives with attractive aspects that projected to offer a handy laptop lighting system to attend zoom video meetings. It’s featured a mild brightness controlling from 1 to 100% with color temperature. It also has a tripod stand which gives opportunity of extensible usage of maximum 10 inches. Its integrated frosted lens and extra white diffuser provide the flexibility to have softer lights with professional glow.

It is possible to put it on a desk without the need of others support. Besides, the design of VIJIM Laptop Light is appropriate to make virtual meetings, video streaming and others.

VIJIM Computer Light

5. Neewer Dimmable LED Video Light

The Neewer Portable LED Lighting Kit arrives with 2 little light sections and adaptable tripods. Perfectly, anyone can have an adjustable height of the lights and set it on two sides of pc or camera. It’s possible to power the light from USB of pc or directly. Using modifiable brightness from 10% to 100%, it will be possible to have even softer light on a video meeting.

Neewer Dimmable LED Video Light

After comprehensively exploring all the lights, Lume Cube lighting kit is the best inexpensive lighting solution. Its light panel offers even lighten the place throughout the video calls. It’s the lighting kit with a bright LCD screen and not like further lighting kits, Lume cube does not waste any space, the light as well works while it’s charging, thus it’s a necessary solution to have a permanent home office setup.

Best lighting to use on Zoom meetings video conference


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