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Google meet background images free download

Interested to get some awesome Google meet background to change the video calling backdrop, then it’s the right page to explore. This page included some eye-catching professional images to set on next virtual meetings.

What is Google meet?

The Google Meet is the well-featured video conferencing service that can use by up to 30 people to join in virtual meetings. Thus it’s a direct competitor and alternative of Zoom and Microsoft teams. Since people cannot physically gather throughout the recent quarantine, video conferencing has turned into particularly very helpful in that situation.

It’s a user-friendly video conferencing tool that just needs to arrange an event in the calendar app and send invitation to all the members to engage in the meeting. One of the excellent features of this Google service is its handiness and its wonderful integration with calendar app. Google Meet particularly stuffed toward workgroup that are not capable to meet physically and want to participate in meetings easily, enjoy high-quality video and want to maintain schedules.

Google nowadays offers the capability to host meetings accessible to everybody with differing types of functionality. Google Meet has an objective, to build it simple to join meetings by everyone as businesses are liked to complete video conferencing faster and easy accessible through a light and hasty interface.

Google Meet offers some interesting features like record team presentations and share with others afterward. Thus it is possible to record training materials and show on-demand to people who unable to attend the conference. It very simple to playback, share, download and store the recordings. Besides the change of background is also one of wonderful features that applied by many.

Why it required to change background

But why people are interested change the virtual background, most important reason is to hide the messy surroundings and add a smart backdrop on virtual meetings.  It allows everyone to upload a preferred image at back to spot by others.

Google meet background images

The option to change virtual background is a superior method to hide chaotic home office or bedroom using a modern interior home or outdoor images. Explore the collection of Google meet background images here to pick and change simply.

Office Space

How about showing a perfect professional environment? This image contains a clean workplace with clear view of computer, desk, chair, window and everything else. This backdrop is perfect to motivate team not to mend but to carry on working.

professional office space google meet background

Home office

google meet background Home office

A modern home office featured image is a good choice to set on next meetings. It’s actually best to pick by people who are working from home nowadays.

Professional office space

google meet background professional office space

A workplace environment is a perfect choice to show professionalism while attending professional meetings

Home library bookshelf with black couch

Home library bookshelf black couch google meet background

Many are interested to have a realistic home environment on virtual meetings and this bookcase plant with couch featured image is wonderful to show a realistic home environment.

Modern bedroom

Modern bedroom google meet background

Nowadays many are doing office works from bedroom, thus a bedroom office background is important to set by those people.

Bedroom wall

Bedroom wall google meet background

This bedroom wall image is also a stunning background image that can simply carry a home office environment on next meeting

Cafe at night

Cafe at night google meet background

Attending video conference from a coffee shop or cafe is exciting to many and this image is a good choice to people who likes to do that.

Nature waterfall landscape

This wonderful place is excellent to set by people who are nature enthusiast and want to show a relaxing view of a waterfall on a good-looking natural green surrounding. This image is perfect to show whenever everyone is tired.

Nature waterfall landscape meet background

Library bookshelf

Books are the most important source of knowledge. A careful and organized bookshelf designates the tidiness of character. Having an orderly bookshelf at the back while connected with virtual session might reveal the work with intensive research.

Library bookshelf background

A library image can be a dominant backdrop, especially if the virtual session is related to delivering lessons to students. Not just that, as a specialist being interviewed, a bookshelf offers some sense of research the interviewer. It just brings tons of admiration from others.

An Endless Road

Is there a path that never ends? Maybe not. But the opportunities are endless even if there are lots of setbacks. An Endless Road image can give confidence everybody to continue focused and remain an eye on the objectives regardless of the challenges.

highway road background

Nature trees green grass field

Nothing can offer the freshness like nature. A green field and trees landscape backdrop is just what needs to take the attention of virtual meeting participants. It can bring a relaxed ambiance feeling that can show everything is under control.

Nature trees green grass field meet background

Green is soothing; this green nature grass field background can provide a calm mood while collaborating with others.

Modern Office conference room

Professional virtual meetings are excessively increased nowadays to complete the office works from home with coworkers, partners, bosses and others. It’s better to have a modern professional environment to participate with team. This modern conference room image can change the room into a professional conference room.

Modern conference room meet background

Relaxing beach

Everyone likes sandy beaches to travel every year because rolling water waves, limitless sunshine, and soft white sand provide the opportunity get relaxed. Sandy Beaches offer impressive views and unforgettable moments to visitors.

relaxing beach google meet background

However, it’s also possible to get the relaxing vacation vibes from anywhere by simply using this beach background as virtual meeting image.

In front of cars

car meet background

Showing a luxurious garage with exotic supercars in the background is exciting that many will prefer to do it. Use this car background to get attractions of others.

How to Change virtual background before a call

  1. Run Google Meet on PC.
  2. From the bottom right part of the Google Meet’s screen, click on the icon with pop text “Change background” (If this option is unavailable, a latest version of Google Meet is required to install to get the virtual background feature).
  3. Use the button with “+” with pop text “Use image from disk” to upload image from drive.
  4. Now the uploaded image will be shown on gallery.
  5. Now choose a background image from gallery to set as next virtual background.

How to Change virtual background during a call

  1. While participating on an ongoing call, click on vertical three dots icon from bottom right site to show more window.
  2. Now choose “change background” option (If this option unavailable then a latest version of Google Meet is required to install).
  3. Use the button with “+” with pop text “Use image from disk” to upload image from drive.
  4. Now the uploaded image will be shown on gallery.
  5. Now choose a background image from gallery to set as next virtual background.

Video conference has turn into the most accepted method of work from residence and catch up with buddies nowadays. However, peoples need a robust service to connect in video meetings and the collaborative communication to less the hassle. Google has presented the Meet service with the objective to facilitate better collaboration of teams and friends to gather from anywhere of the world.

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