Is there mail delivery on Columbus Day 2021

Is there mail delivery on Columbus Day 2021? Is the post office open on 11 October Monday? Columbus Day sometimes gives people doubting if there will be mail today. But on a federal holiday state, country, local and federal offices and organizations will remain closed. Columbus Day will happen on 11 October 2021 in United States and the day will celebrate as a federal holiday. If you have a query in your mind about the mail delivery service on Columbus Day 2021, then we want to tell you that mail is not delivered as all post offices service will be closed on this holiday.

Also all the federal offices will be closed, which indicates that neither companies nor residences will receive mail. This as well includes USPS parcels for the reason that it is a federal holiday. But, some states do not tribute Columbus Day including California, Nevada and there is no public holiday in these states on 11 October 2021.

mail delivery on Columbus Day
mail delivery on Columbus Day

However, you may get parcels from UPS and FedEx. As declared by UPS, service will open normally on 11 October 2021. Besides, FedEx announces it is as well send packages for business, so there will be a regular service from FedEx.

Columbus Day is celebrated annually on 2nd Monday for October in United States. Nearly all shopping centers, restaurants and some businesses will be open on 11 October 2021 and continue with regular hours. But a few banks will be closed, while some banks are opened.