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Office Microsoft teams background images for virtual meetings

Office Microsoft teams background images for virtual meetings: Ever since the beginning of virtual backgrounds feature on online conferencing services, it has been frantically implemented by people of all kinds. Having a preferred virtual background in online meeting is very helpful as it can shield participants from the discomfiture of house’s messy room.

To attend business meetings, an office themed backdrop is the perfect option for lots of organizations. If a company authorizes to have ‘No fun’ while working through video conference, choose any office themed background is necessary to appear as a professional in the meetings.

Microsoft teams service is also offering this interesting feature. Though Microsoft hasn’t yet officially facilitated options for custom backdrops, but manually it’s possible to do so by following a rather simple process.

Any user can set a desired backdrop image for upcoming video calls to have excitements by uploading an office themed background image. You need to move through some folders; however it’s not complicated if you recognize where to complete. Just follow the instructions below and glance below the assortment of 1080p high quality Microsoft teams background images –

Office Microsoft teams background
office teams background images for virtual-meetings
office background images for microsoft teams video calls

How to upload a teams background

You can upload a virtual background by store a image in the uploads folder of Microsoft Teams following these steps –

Open Windows (C:) drive of your computer and then open your Users folder and choose user profile folder. Now enable hidden items by clicking on view from top to check Hidden items checkbox. Now open folders AppData -> Roaming -> Microsoft -> Teams -> Backgrounds -> Uploads and put the image on this folder.

How to change background in Microsoft Teams

If you have already uploaded an image backdrop on Uploads folder now you can get that image as your virtual background by following below procedures –

From video call choose option More actions (3 dots) and then choose Show background effects. Now look below and choose the background you’ve uploaded. You can choose Preview option to see how that background will appear. Finally choose Apply to make it virtual background.

Working from residence isn’t simpler particularly when others are set to make noise while on a work meeting. Fortunately, teams platform permits everyone to set individual images as custom background to hide things at backdrop. Hope these Office Microsoft teams background images are outstanding to spice up daily meetings on MS Teams.

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