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Plain Zoom background images nice wall virtual calls backgrounds

Plain Zoom background images – free virtual calls meeting images: Using zoom meetings service to do official works or talk to friends and family? The tropical outlook at the back of a coworkers head throughout video call might not be wishful – a fresh examination recommends it’s essentially wrapping the untidy room that’s can be changed with a simple minimalist professional look office working room setting by professionals who are forced to work from home. As hundreds of thousands employees are living with roommates or family, a particular home office is required to many to continue working.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is the most popular video conferencing service that got attention of the world just years ago when business chooses to work from home due to going out and meeting with others in office and public hasn’t been possible. It’s quite similar to Skype … however with many superior features. Zoom offers better quality and options to meet with others virtually and premium version of zoom offers many advanced features like chat and capability to call longer with more people. But everyone in zoom conferences can access the interesting feature that allows to people set up a virtual background to show a desired place of meet on screen, presenting a further professional or pleasurable viewpoint.

Does zoom come with virtual backgrounds?

Yes, but the choices are limited enough as there are only three choices including the blades of grass, Earth from space and Golden Gate bridge are available at present. The collection is good but people may not like to fix with that after seven to ten days as more and more virtual meetings are need to attend next and further creativity will observe from others end which will insist to change background with other innovative images. Explore the page to see some interesting plain zoom virtual backgrounds to simply download and apply the most excellent one that matches with the next virtual session.

There always have chances to have a simple home office environment using a virtual backdrop with the intention to spice up virtual calls to appear anywhere in places from simple to dazzling locations. But sometimes it needed to have a minimalist and simple look to match with mood. In the time of zoom video calling or virtual meetings many people likes to set a backdrop to set the frame of mind in virtual calls. However, there are many preferences to select from to appear as minimalist and simple. Some clean and basic color backdrops added here to choose and set.

After the big celebration days, people like to take a break from colorful festival related backdrops and desire to chill on upcoming virtual meetings. If it’s the moment to change to get much less consideration, there are many plainness alternatives to select from, whether it’s a straightforward color or white surroundings.

Plain zoom background images

If it’s the time to collect some plain images to use on next meetings, find a preferred professional minimalist simple good color white wall images from below. Explore all professional minimalist simple good color white wall backdrop with how to change the backdrop on Zoom. Just look below the collection of 1080p high quality pictures to put in on your next calls –

White wall with green plant minimalist clean

white wall with green plant minimalist clean background

Interested in minimal looking white wall backdrop then it’s the applicable choice. This image also contains clean surroundings with green plant that provides a real like scenery

Simple minimalist virtual meeting backdrop with plant

simple wall minimalist virtual meeting image with plant

This image also available in basic looking that anyone can use as virtual backdrop. Use it to explain the simplicity with teams.

Minimalist white wall with plants of different colors:

minimalist white wall plain zoom virtual background with plant

This is prefect for employees who want a simple white wall with different color plants at back on next video conference to show the cleanness

Professional office work interview room with plants

professional office work interview room plain zoom background with plant

Many are searching suitable interview room images with professional work environments to participate in interview virtually, it’s the perfect to set and attend next interview calls

Minimalist nice wall with lights

minimalist nice plain zoom virtual meetings backgrounds with lights

Attend in next meetings by adding this minimal wall featured nice image that contains lights at corner

Blue sky simple minimalist backdrop

blue sky plain zoom background simple minimalist virtual calls backdrop

Clear looking blue sky image is the best thing to have a very straightforward back and continue on meetings without unnecessary distractions

Black dark night time city buildings cityscape

plain black zoom background dark night virtual meetings images

Nice blue color abstract

nice blue color plain zoom call background

Use it to have a neat and well-illuminated pleasant blue colored abstract backdrop and served the purpose without any issue

Red color wall with white window

1080p high resolution red wall plain zoom background with window

A bright colorful contemporary high resolution wall backdrop to lighten the frame of mind while joining video calls

Wooden Green wall

green screen simple zoom background virtual meetings photo

Basic clean single colored

plain zoom background
minimalist plain zoom background good virtual backdrop
plain color zoom background simple virtual backdrop

White wall

plain white wall zoom background professional virtual bg

Have fun, get innovative and apply this clean wall image that characterizes the minimalism

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How to change virtual background on zoom?

It’s very easy and uncomplicated. While on a zoom video call, find the “Start/stop video” option from the bottom left side of the screen. Beside it there is a small drop down arrow at right, just click it to find the feature “Choose virtual background” that will be used to change zoom background. To upload and use a new virtual background, just click on (+) sign from top right side and choose a preferred picture to upload on zoom.

Zoom virtual background tips and tricks

Like other free background site, there is a good collection of virtual backgrounds on to download and use. As it’s important to use images with high quality to appear better on video conference, collect high quality images from here that actually work on Zoom. No matter the images are good professional quality photos or have a good camera to snap incredible photos, it needs to be tactical with the selected photos before adding. Here are some tips and tricks.

Photo Placement

Generally people thought that the perfect backdrops are photos which have the main point at the center, however in a zoom video conference it needs to sit at center of the frame which hides the focal point. It’s actually less important to sit that look like something significant like Eiffel Tower is concealing as it’s situated at the center on photo. Instead find a picture with important things that are at the side.


Many are liked to set photos with fun and bright color, however don’t want to be so crazy that not liked by other. A big gathering of colors or a chaotic photo will only distract everyone always.

Picture quality

It might appear clear, however search a good quality pictures. It’s recommended to use photos with clear skies or bright sunny days or apparent images. A low quality or cloudy or dark image will make things unclear once sit in front of that. This types of images may unnoticeable to find conference attendees.

Avoid words in backdrop

Attendees might like to know about the place at back however having some texts or words displayed on photo that shown screen above may look like distracting. Calling in front of a quote or other words is not presenting any charm.

Hope everything caught up, applying the virtual backdrop feature, its possible to get a well decorated virtual workspace to spice up virtual collaboration sessions with colleagues, clients, friends and others to impress everyone. It’s the modest things that can help to provide something different to work together. Experience what it feels like by sitting in front of the virtual workspace and hosing or attending online conference calls in this era of work from home.

Because of the fact of maintaining social distancing, many are using zoom right now as it’s the currently dependable communication service to continue works by arranging virtual meetings, online classes and remain in touch with friends and family. Many are attending virtual happy hours, but it needs little privacy. Also many people are feeling tire of observing the same boring wall or same bookcase at the back.

Virtual backdrop is already the appealing privacy focused feature among many and it’s the wonderful solution. It’s not off-putting and conceals all the untidiness of home. As indoor activities are ordinary sufficient at present, thus needs to jazz up by changing zoom virtual background. Some minimalist looking plain images added here to get a different flavor.

Currently it’s widely found that many video conferencing participant including colleagues, clients, friends and others are applying virtual backdrop on zoom meetings. Whether it’s related to profession or attractive outdoor or classroom images that adding on zoom, it’s just a superior way to lighten the mood.

With the recent pandemic, lots of businesses are only accomplishing regular works and interviews remotely using video conferencing services like zoom, Microsoft teams, Skype, Google meet which means virtual communication skill is the must have qualifications and people need to be expert on it to do jobs and hunt jobs.

While attending a virtual call, it’s necessary to have a related backdrop as there may have dirty laundry trailing at back on the room or there may have a room with dishes at corner. Virtual background feature is the awesome solution to mask all the chaos of the room.

While the perfect solution is doubtless to arrange a dedicated corner with proper lights and tools at home to attend video calls daily, adding a correct virtual backdrop is an immediate substitute that can be arranged anywhere anytime. It as well brings fresh chances of individual creativity show in the video calling process. Besides, applying a virtual background in zoom is very easy that anyone can apply by following some easy steps.

Just confirm not to apply virtual backdrops that not related or bring colors conflict with hair, skin and dresses. This may distract on the virtual meetings and ultimately bother other participants. Plain virtual backdrop is the awesome solution of this issue.

Because of a lockdown, Zoom is the current communication service, but it needs little privacy. Virtual backdrop is already the appealing privacy focused feature among many and it’s the wonderful solution. It’s not off-putting and conceals all the untidiness of home.

Final verdict

It’s the perfect time to collect Minimalist professional work interview wall with plant or nice wall with lights or different cooled wall like white red blue green or a nightscape city or a simple good color white wall good images to choose and use as plain zoom virtual backdrop to appear in minimalist surroundings.

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