Is the stock market open on Columbus Day 2021?

Italian-American of New York City at first took attempt to celebrate Columbus Day on 12th October 1866. President Roosevelt announced a national holiday on 12 October to give honor to Italian explorer Christopher Columbus from year 1934. But in 1971 it was announced the national holiday actually would be celebrated on the 2nd Monday of October in place of 12th October. Thus the day will celebrate on 11 October in this year.

Because of attempt by Columbus to find out the East Indies, intellectuals were capable to get a superior knowledge of just how big the Earth actually was. We recognize it’s a historical day and as well a historical event and people are observing this day to give honor to Christopher Columbus. Columbus Day is a public holiday in USA; however states can decide whether it’s a celebration that needs organizations and offices to close, thus the closings can differ.

If you want to know is the stock market open on Columbus Day 2021 in United States, then the answer is the stock market is open on 11 October 2021 Columbus Day. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) will be open on this day. But, the bond market will be close on 11 October 2021 Monday because of the national holiday.

stock market open on Columbus Day
stock market open on Columbus Day

Also lots of bank branches including Capital One, Bank of America and others will as well be closed on this day.