How to make good decisions in life

Peoples need to take decisions in their daily life and it made consciously or unconsciously. Even if these choices are small or something significant, this can affect future. Every decision we make in current day that can build or ruin our future. But before taking decisions there are some major factors to consider that can assist us to make healthy decisions in life –

1. Recognize the issue first:
Do not concern about unrelated subjects. First, you have to outline the main issue and make a wise judgment about it. Suppose you want to buy a sofa set then think about its importance – is it really necessary to buy a sofa set or you just want it because your neighbors bought a new sofa? Try to see the actual motivation behind your issues and this will help to avoid bad decisions.

2. Keep your emotions in check:
it’s not wrong to give value to your emotions. However, you have to deal with extreme emotions while you are making a decision. Take only those emotions into account which relate to your decision. Try to calm yourself first and control your feelings to make the right choice.

3. Do not take too much information:
You need relevant pieces of information before making a decision yet too much information may mislead you. There may be some unnecessary information that may seem important first. However, you have to pick the most significant factors which eventually push you to the correct option.

4. List Your Options:
Count multiple choices you have and try to list them all and let your unconscious mind make the final decision. Most of the decisions of our life are made by our unconscious mind and ultimately, they turn out to be the right ones. Mindfulness is crucial while making your decisions.

5. Pretend that isn’t your issue:
When you are making a decision about yourself, it’s very difficult to make a precise judgment. That’s why you can pretend that it is someone else’s problem and force your mind to believe that way. By thinking in a 3rd person’s perspective, you may find the easier way to discover the right path.

6. Consider the good & bad outcomes:
List all the flaws and rewards that you may receive after making your final decision. This is a very important step to understand the situation and move to the right view.

7. Do not get biased:
Your preference, biased opinions, past actions and success can distract you from making a smart move. You have to find various prospective and consider them without getting biased. Do not just make up your mind and seek information which supports your decision. Focus on your present state and make the correct decision even if it seems uncomfortable to you.

8. List all the Activities:
Now you know how to proceed and make the important decisions. To actually implement these steps you have to make an action plan and act according to it. Stay committed to your decision and do not think too much about the alternatives. It will make your decision weak and vulnerable.

9. Study the outcome:
Are you pleased with the outcome? What can be done more to better this decision? You should ask yourself these questions after a decision is made and you have got the result. This process will help you in the future and make you a better decision maker.

10. Have a plan B:
A backup plan can save your back if the decision turns out to be wrong. Even by following every step you may make a wrong decision because of the lack of time or proper information and for this reason you need choose a plan B to consider other options or restart the process again.

How to make good decisions in life